We’re Undergoing Changes

February 1, 2022

Dear Members and Friends,

Your Three Corners Women’s Giving Circle is about to undergo a change. 

After much discussion, it has become clear to the members of the Executive Committee that our organization can no longer operate as it has for the last nine years. As some of you may remember, in 2013 our founder, Stephanie Martini, painstakingly created our Giving Circle as a labor of love for the community. During those years, you proudly granted more than $275,000 to fund women and girls’ programs in the three corners area.

Little did most of us know, Stephanie’s wonderful idea of helping our greater community evolved into being a full-time volunteer job for Stephanie, which she steadfastly did with help from a few trusted supporters.

Fast forward to 2020 when Stephanie devised our council of five Executive Committee members. We have attempted to carry the torch forward and take over those many tasks and responsibilities. Under our leadership, we have come to realize that unforeseen circumstances have changed the climate in which we operate.

The far-reaching impacts of the COVID virus, lack of community involvement and several other factors have precluded us from having a dedicated volunteer group to both maintain the many tasks that happen behind the scenes and invest in the future of your Giving Circle.

On that note, we have decided that it is now time to wind down the operations of our current structure, grant all remaining funds and wrap up our relationship with the Community Foundation.

As of now, we will no longer be accepting membership contributions and all funds that have been sent to the Community Foundation in 2022 thus far will be returned to you. Any membership contributions collected during 2021 will be included in the grant funds for the non-profits we just voted on.

Each year, one of the components of our grant process has been a check-back with the nonprofits who were awarded grants. We will keep you apprised of any developments and their progress in the months to come.

Upon completion of those tasks, we anticipate a group forming to discuss what the circle might look like going forward, using another model that requires less behind the scenes work. We want to continue to support local nonprofit organizations that benefit women and girls in our community and we hope that you do too. 

So, the door for reinventing ourselves is now open!!

We welcome all participants to share in that process. If you have any ideas, thoughts or experiences, we invite you to bring them forward. Please get in touch with us at 3cornerswgc@gmail.com

With deep appreciation and gratitude, we thank you for your past support of the women and girls in our community.

Warm regards,

Joan, Jill, Martha, Toni and Dana

Three Corners Executive Committee Members