Giving Circles Are Where It’s At!

“Some people, when they hear the word ‘philanthropists,’ they think ‘rich, white old man.” That’s not what a giving circle is all about! Read more.

Grantees say “It feels like a group of tias (aunts), like a group of comadres, a group of my mothers and my grandmothers saying ‘I believe in you, and we have your back.'” Read more.

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University states that women’s philanthropy is “central to building civil society and strengthening democracy in the United States.” Women’s philanthropy can help to promote the important role that women play in solving economic and health challenges and in ensuring peace and security – locally, statewide, countrywide and worldwide.

Our Local Need

Our yearly growth in grant applications is evidence of the need in our area. There’s much more need than we can currently support. Below are a few statistics that point to the needs of women and girls in our area.

  • 50% of Washington County elementary schools qualify for Title 1 status (meaning 40% of the students in the school are low-income).
  • In 2016 there were 939 homeless students (and parents) in the Washington County School District. Over 40% of students in the district receive free or reduced lunch. To qualify for free lunch, income for a family of 4 must be below $31,590; for reduced lunch, income must be below $44,955.
  • Utah’s rate of homicides related to domestic violence is an alarming 42%. The national average is 30%.
  • In a 2015 study by WalletHub, Utah ranked 50th overall in the US for women’s equality (workplace environment, education, and political empowerment).
  • In general, our state government and our federal representatives in the 112th, 113th, and 114th congresses, have not been supportive of bills that would benefit women and girls.

SEE MORE important details and statistics.

Why a Giving Circle?

By pooling your contribution with others, you can make a much larger impact than making a lone contribution. The cooperative energy that a group produces is greater than the sum of the energy of each individual. The power of collective philanthropy is undeniable.

Donors in giving circles give more, give more strategically, and are more engaged in their communities. Read the report.

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