Applications for our 2018 grants have closed. Please check back in August, 2018 when applications for our 2019 grants will be posted.

Grant Procedure

There is a subcommittee of volunteers that creates and accepts grant applications from local nonprofits. All members who have made a full donation by November 1st are eligible to vote in January of the following year for the nonprofit(s) that will receive a grant.

To find out more about the granting process, click here.

To date we have awarded almost $64,000 to our local women and girls!

2017 Grants and Grantees

We awarded $22,500 to 5 nonprofit organizations.

Read more about our 2017 grants, including a thank you from a participant in a Memory Matters class, a story from the Memory Matters adult day care program, and a thank you from Memory Matters.

2016 Grants and Grantees

In our 3rd year of granting we awarded $18,875 to 6 nonprofit organizations.

Read more about our 2016 grantees, including a December reporta Christmas story and a final “thank you” story from Memory Matters.

2015 Grants and Grantees

In our second year of granting, we awarded $11,000 in grants to 2 nonprofit organizations:

We also awarded $3,000 to Dixie Care and Share, however, they ceased operation before the grant money was used. Consequently we rolled over $3,000 to our 2016 grant year.

Find out about our 2015 granteesread a letter from the Assistance League, and watch this video about the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic.

2014 Grants and Grantees

In our first year of granting, we awarded $11,000 in grants to 3 nonprofit organizations.

“We are thrilled and appreciative of the support of the Three Corners women.” –Sue Kimball, Executive Director, The Erin Kimball Foundation

Read about our 2014 Grantees and read a letter from the Assistance League.