How We’re Organized

We are proud to be a fund of the Community Foundation of Utah. All of our donations are kept in our fund at the Community Foundation and they do all the accounting and administration for our fund. Our relationship with the Community Foundation is explained in this document. Thank you Community Foundation of Utah!

How We Operate








We have 4 meetings a year where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the amazing work done by our local nonprofits. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with our wonderful members who are making an immediate, direct, and positive impact in our region.

Our membership and meetings are open to anyone in the community. The meetings are potluck. For members there is no requirement to attend meetings, to volunteer to serve, or to do anything special except make a yearly contribution.

At our January meeting we have the finalists for our grant make a presentation before we vote for the nonprofits that will receive our grant for that year. Our voting is done online. At our final meeting of the year we have our current grantees report back to us on how they have used our grant.

For more information on how we’re organized, please read our organizational document.